Patent Number: 6,298,276

Title: Embroidery data processing apparatus

Abstract: While reading and analyzing embroidery data for sewing, when an X-directionmoving amount and a Y-direction moving amount are at most predeterminedsmall amounts and seam stop data indicating a finish stitch-concentratedportion where embroidery operation is repeated over three stitches for aseam stop, is detected, an X-direction moving amount of a second one offinish stitch data is changed, the X-direction moving amount of a thirdone of the finish stitch data is changed, and finish stitch concentrationof the seam stop is resolved by dispersing finish stitch positions. As aresult, not only cutting of thread and swelling of a seam can be preventedbut also a thread tightening operation can sufficiently be carried out byreducing moving distance of embroidery thread during thread tightening.

Inventors: Iida; Yuji (Nagoya, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013