Patent Number: 6,298,279

Title: CAD/CAM apparatus and machining apparatus for processing position/force information

Abstract: A modeling operation of a shape of a work (3) is performed by a CAD (1). A tool path calculation section (15) calculates path data having, as an attribute, position and force information by a fuzzy inference or the like by shape information, machining information and machined surface information. A machining program is produced on the basis of the path data in a machining program producing section (17). Orbit data for every renewal cycle Tm concerning the position, posture, force and moment are calculated in a position and/or force operation planning section (19) and a position and/or force orbit producing section (21). Then, a simultaneous feedback control is performed for the position and the frictional force in a controlling section (23).

Inventors: Shimada; Akira (Narashino, JP), Kamiya; Hideshi (Narashino, JP), Ohtachi; Yoshinobu (Narashino, JP), Makinoshima; Hiroyuki (Narashino, JP), Sakamaki; Hiroyuki (Narashino, JP)

Assignee: Seiko Instruments Inc.

International Classification: G05B 19/4097 (20060101); G06F 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018