Patent Number: 6,298,290

Title: Memory apparatus for vehicle information data

Abstract: A memory apparatus for vehicle information is provided in which the image data of the vehicle's condition in a traffic accident, a traffic offense, a drive condition from the occurrence of an accident to the vehicle's stop after the accident, and a sensor data are memorized and held in a flash memory repeatedly. The memory apparatus enables an analysis of an accident with high precision upon the reproduction of the data of the vehicle's condition, and can be used to provide evidence relating to a traffic offense. The image signals from a CCD camera 1, a RAM 12 for memorizing the sensor's information from a vehicle speed sensor 3, a steering angle sensor 4, a brake pressure sensor 5, and an acceleration sensor 6, and a flash memory 13 for permanently memorizing the signals of the RAM 12, are controlled through a CPU 11. The record information of the RAM 12 is transferred to the flash memory 13 based on the operation of a collision sensor 2 to memorize and hold the information. Moreover, the signal of the flash memory 116 is converted into a video signal to output the information during a reproduction.

Inventors: Abe; Takeshi (Tokyo, JP), Ezura; Tadashi (Tokyo, JP)

Assignee: Niles Parts Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G07C 5/00 (20060101); G07C 5/08 (20060101); G07C 005/08 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018