Patent Number: 6,298,293

Title: Kinetic state quantity estimating device and method for motor vehicle

Abstract: A speed (Zw'-Zb') and an amount (Zw-Zb) of displacement of a wheel relativeto a vehicle body are estimated with the aid of an observer, based on avertical acceleration Zb" of the vehicle body detected by a sensor. Inthis observer, a non-linear component fnl(Zw'-Zb', P) of a damping forceof a damper is derived from an estimated relative speed y1ob and anopening position P of the damper, and the component fnl(Zw'-Zb', P) isused as a control input. The non-linear component fnl(Zw'-Zb', P) iscompensated for by means of a spring force fs of a stabilizer which isgenerated by roll movements of the vehicle body resulting from aconvex-concave road surface, a change .DELTA.Mr in road holding load whichis calculated based on a lateral acceleration Gy and generated by rollmovements of the vehicle body when the vehicle turns, and a change.DELTA.Mp in road holding load which is calculated based on a longitudinalacceleration Gx and generated by pitch movements of the vehicle body whenthe vehicle is accelerated or decelerated.

Inventors: Ohsaku; Satoru (Toyota, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013