Patent Number: 6,298,294

Title: Device for controlling suspension shock absorbers of vehicles based uponphantom substitute therefor

Abstract: A device for controlling damping coefficients of shock absorbers (22FL,22FR, 22RL, 22RR) of a four wheeled vehicle constructs a phantom dampingsystem composed of a phantom side shock absorber (122, 122F, 122R)disposed vertically at a lateral inside of a turn running of the vehicleto have a lower end movable along a ground surface together with thevehicle and an upper end vertically movable relative to the lower end witha first phantom damping coefficient (Cg, Cgf, Cgr) therebetween, and aphantom angular shock absorber (124, 124F, 124R) arranged to act betweenthe upper end of the phantom side shock absorber and the vehicle body witha second phantom damping coefficient (Ca, Caf, Car) therebetween, whereby,when the damping coefficients of the shock absorbers are controlled tosubstantially equalize the phantom damping system with the actual dampingsystem of the actual shock absorbers with respect to damping vertical androlling movements of the vehicle body, the mass center of the vehicle bodyis lowered according to a rolling thereof during a turn running of thevehicle, as the vehicle body rolls around the upper end of the phantomside shock absorber located laterally inside of the turn running.

Inventors: Murata; Masahiro (Nisshin, JP), Suzuki; Satoshi (Mishima, JP), Tomida; Koichi (Toyota, JP), Onuma; Toshio (Susono, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013