Patent Number: 6,298,306

Title: Vehicle locating system utilizing global positioning

Abstract: A vehicle locating system (200) includes a beacon (108) carried by a vehicle, a tracking control station (106) for generating a beacon activation signal (110) which enables the beacon (108) to broadcast a vehicle identification signal (112), and one or more mobile communication devices (116, 118) which include a first receiver (516) utilized to receive a location signal (122) identifying a geographic location of a mobile communication device, and a transceiver (406) utilized to provide communication between said mobile communication device and a communication system controller. The one or more mobile communication devices (116, 118) further include a second receiver (502) utilized to receive the vehicle identification signal (112) broadcast by the beacon (108), and a vehicle tracking controller (520), responsive to the vehicle identification signal (112) which is received, for controlling a transmission of the vehicle identification signal (112) and the location signal (122).

Inventors: Suarez; Gustavo G. (Boca Raton, FL), Baradello; Carlos S. (Boca Raton, FL), Sibecas; Salvador (Lake Worth, FL)

Assignee: Motorola, Inc.

International Classification: G01S 5/00 (20060101); G01S 5/14 (20060101); G01S 5/12 (20060101); H04B 007/14 (); G01S 005/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018