Patent Number: 6,298,310

Title: Method and system for determining heating point and heating line in bendingof steel plate

Abstract: A method and a system for determining a heating point and a heating line insteel plate bending place a virtual wooden pattern on a virtual steelplate; roll the wooden pattern or steel plate along a frame line from areference position to contact the wooden pattern and steel plate at twopoints A, B on the steel plate and C, D on the wooden pattern; roll thewooden pattern or steel plate in the reverse direction for return to thereference position; obtain straight lines U, V connecting the contactpoints A, B and C, D, respectively; determine a heating point relative toa reference point based on an intersection point of the straight lines U,V; repeat the same steps while contacting the contact points A, C on areference point side to use their contact point as a new reference point,to determine respective heating points along a specific line up to the endof the steel plate; draw straight lines from a certain heating point on acertain line to heating points on other lines based on the determinedheating points; examine the degree of parallelism between each straightline and a roller line; if the degree is within a predetermined range,group the relevant heating points as the same group; and connect theheating points of the same group by a straight line or a curve todetermine a heating line.

Inventors: Kawano; Takayuki (Nagasaki, JP), Inoue; Yoshiaki (Nagasaki, JP), Kikutsugi; Ryuuichirou (Nagasaki, JP), Oota; Kazuaki (Nagasaki, JP), Hamaya; Fukumi (Nagasaki, JP), Koiwa; Hidetsugu (Nagasaki, JP), Kawakado; Shouji (Nagasaki, JP), Nakahama; Takeshi (Nagasaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013