Patent Number: 6,298,317

Title: Enhanced functional testing through the filtration of non-subtle mutations

Abstract: A function simulates and verifies a computer program by inserting asyntactic mutation into one of the source code modules comprising theprogram. The mutated computer program is compiled and subjected to asubtlety check which detects non-subtle (i.e., easily detectable)syntactic mutations. If the subtlety check identifies the insertedsyntactic mutation as non-subtle, functional testing on this mutatedcomputer program is terminated, and a new mutated computer program isgenerated. However, if the subtlety check determines that the syntacticmutation is subtle, the mutated computer program is subjected toadditional regression testing. If the regression testing is able to detectthe subtle syntactic mutation within a predetermined simulation period,functional testing is terminated and a new mutated computer program isgenerated. However, if the subtle syntactic mutation is not detectedwithin the predetermined simulation period, a functional coveragedeficiency in the functional verification test suite is noted, and theregression test suite is enhanced accordingly.

Inventors: Wiemann; Alan (Menlo Park, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013