Patent Number: 6,298,336

Title: Card activation at point of distribution

Abstract: Secure activation of stored value cards at a point of distribution uses a portable activation secure application module (ASAM) within the card dispensing machine to activate each card. Each card has a standard user mode and a security user mode. In the standard user mode the card is activated and ready for use. In the security user mode the card is not active and cannot be used to make a purchase. An issuer supplies an issuer activation key to a card supplier who produces a security code which is stored on a stored value card. Cards are supplied to the issuer in security user mode, and stored in a dispensing machine. The issuer activation key is also relayed to the dispensing machine and stored on the ASAM. Upon purchase by a customer, the issuer activation key is used within the machine by the ASAM to reproduce the security code and to activate a card. An activation control counter (ACC) is stored within the ASAM and is decremented for every attempt at activation of a card. ASAMs are maintained in the field using a dial-up connection to a central computer with a control secure application module (CSAM), or using a field secure application module (FSAM) that is created at a central location using the CSAM. Each FSAM is able to update a limited number of ASAMs. A hierarchy of keys is used by the CSAM, the FSAMs and ASAMs to ensure security.

Inventors: Davis; Virgil M. (Los Altos, CA), Roth; Janet T. (Oakland, CA)

Assignee: Visa International Service Association

International Classification: G07F 17/00 (20060101); G07F 17/42 (20060101); G07F 7/10 (20060101); G06F 017/60 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018