Patent Number: 6,298,337

Title: Methods for automatically entering carrier or cost center information in a mail-shipping system

Abstract: In an arrangement and method for data processing in a mail shipping system, a document is supplied to the mail shipping system having information printed thereon identifying a recipient of the document. The printed information is scanned at a postage meter machine to identify the recipient. The postage meter machine is in communication with at least one personal computer. In the personal computer, the contents of various documents to be mailed using the mail shipping system are stored in respective data files, and can be searched according to the respective recipient and the current date. The mail contents are stored in the personal computer allocated to instructional data, such as shipping information identifying a carrier and/or cost center information for use in accounting purposes for charging the fee for shipping the document. The postage meter machine, by searching the memories in the personal computer, obtains the instructional data, and the instructional data are automatically entered into the postage meter machine, and are then used for producing the franking imprint and/or conducting an accounting routine. The amount of data which must be permanently stored in the postage meter machine is therefore significantly reduced.

Inventors: Kubatzki; Ralf (Berlin, DE), Thiel; Wolfgang (Berlin, DE)

Assignee: Francotyp-Postalia AG & Co.

International Classification: G07B 17/00 (20060101); G06F 017/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018