Patent Number: 6,298,350

Title: Method for automatic processing of information materials for customised use

Abstract: Inventions relating to the field of information technologies provide anappropriate account of "user's profile", i.e. user's information need, andsupply a user with data about the content of the whole complex ofprocessed information materials in a integrated form with a quantitativeevaluation of relative covering, in processed materials, variouscomponents of "user's profile" both separately and in relations thereof.The presence of data in materials being processed relating to elements of"user's profile" is detected and these data are demonstrated in visual oraudiovisual forms local structures, i.e. graphs reflecting a character ofrelationship of each independent sense fragment of materials beingprocessed with the mentioned elements, are generated.Some from the suggested methods provide a user with the statistics, invisual form, on the frequency of using of various particular localstructures and structures with different number of elements of "user'sprofile" included therein.In other embodiments, an integrated graph presenting a logical sum of localstructures is generated with demonstrating an image of this graph for auser, as a whole or by separate components. In all embodiments, the finalresult of the method directs a user on a priority selection of those partsof information materials which meet his information need in the most gradeas well as helps to discover latent problems not appearing acquaintancewith material 6 independent claims.

Inventors: Lakayev; Anatoliy Semenovich (Moscow, RU), Ivanov; Vasiliy Nikolayevich (Moscow, RU), Kornev; Igor Mikhailovich (Moscow, RU), Yakovenko; Vitaliy Anatolyevich (Moscow, RU), Bevz; Marina Alekseevna (Moscow, RU)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013