Patent Number: 6,298,372

Title: Communication terminal apparatus and communication control method forcontrolling communication channels

Abstract: The present invention is intended to control communication devices on ascreen with a good operability. The present invention provides acommunication terminal apparatus which comprises receiving means forreceiving from a server a text file created on the basis of communicationcontrol information, wherein the communication control informationincludes a specifying word for specifying a desired communication deviceand transmission control information for controlling transmissionorigination processing for the communication device, display means fordetecting the communication control information in the text data todisplay a communication device corresponded to the specifying word and itsline number on a screen, and control means operative when a displayedportion of the communication device and its line number is selected toperform the transmission origination processing for the line number toestablish a communication link when a transmission origination conditiondefined by the transmission control information is satisfied, and to getrid of the transmission origination processing when the transmissionorigination condition is not satisfied.

Inventors: Yoshikawa; Munehiro (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013