Patent Number: 6,298,373

Title: Local service provider for pull based intelligent caching system

Abstract: A network system includes a content provider connected to local serviceproviders via an interactive distribution network, such as the Internet.The local service providers facilitate delivery of the content from thecontent provider to multiple subscribers. The local service providersschedule delivery of frequently requested content from the contentprovider prior to a peak time when the subscribers are likely to requestthe content. The content is downloaded from the content provider duringthe off-peak hours and cached at the local service providers for servingto the subscribers during the ensuing peak time. In this manner, thefrequently requested content is already present at the local serviceproviders and ready to be served to the subscribers before they actuallyrequest it. When the content is finally requested, the data is streamedcontinuously in real-time for just-in-time rendering at the subscribercomputer. Another aspect of this invention involves supplementing contentdelivery over the Internet with delivery of content over a secondarynetwork, such as a broadcast satellite network. The supplemental broadcastlink offers additional bandwidth at a fraction of the cost that would beincurred if the local service provider installed additional Internetconnections, such as T1 or T3 connections.

Inventors: Burns; Gregory (Carnation, WA), Leach; Paul J. (Seattle, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013