Patent Number: 6,298,414

Title: Method and medium for recording digital data

Abstract: A digital data recording method is provided where the efficiency of use ofthe recording medium storage area for recording data in a sequence isincreased and a desired data can be retrieved at a higher speed. When arecord n in an entity is terminated at the trailing end of a group N, arecord n+1 following the record n is recorded in a group N+1. When arecord n extends up to the group N+1, a header H2' attributed to the groupN and a front part of the record n as well as the preceding records 1 ton-1 are designated as another entity E2'. The remaining or rear part ofthe record n is designated as an entity E3' and recorded in the group N+1as added with a header H3'. Then, the record n+1 is designated as anentity E4 and recorded in the group N+1 as added with a header H4.

Inventors: Yoshida; Masaki (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013