Patent Number: 6,298,430

Title: User configurable ultra-scalar multiprocessor and method

Abstract: A user-configurable ultra-scalar multiprocessor has a predeterminedplurality of distributed configurable signal processors (DCSPs) (1) whichare computational clusters that each have at least two sub microprocessors(SMs) (2) and one packet bus controller (PBC) (3) that are a unit group.The DCSPs, the SM and the PBC are connected through local network buses(6). The PBC has communication buses (7) that connect the PBC with each ofthe SM. The communication buses of the PBC that connect the PBC with eachSM have serial chains of one hardwired connection (4) and one programmablyswitchable connector (5). Each communication bus between the SMs is atleast one hardwired connection and two programmably switchable connectors.

Inventors: Roussakov; Vladimir P. (St. Petersburg, RU)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013