Patent Number: 6,299,517

Title: Belt sanding machine

Abstract: In a band grinding machine, especially well adapted for grinding woodenframes having transverse and longitudinal wooden pieces, a support tablein the form of an endless belt transports the frames in an advancementdirection, a transverse grinding assembly with a transversely movinggrinding band extending over the width of the support table grinds theentire tops of frames, and two longitudinal grinding assemblies, locatedbehind the transverse grinding assembly in the advancement direction,respectively grind the two longitudinal wooden pieces of each frame, witheach longitudinal grinding assembly having a longitudinally movinggrinding band with a width very small in comparison to the width of thetable, and with at least one of the longitudinal grinding assemblies beingadjustable transversely of the advancement direction to allow the spacingof the longitudinal grinding assemblies to be set to match the spacing ofthe longitudinal frame pieces.

Inventors: Weber; Georg (96317 Kronach, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/09/2013