Patent Number: 6,299,610

Title: Methods and apparatus for disinfecting subcutaneously implanted devices

Abstract: Implantable ports and other devices are disinfected by the injection of ananti-microbial agent into a tissue pocket surrounding the device. In afirst embodiment, the anti-microbial agent is injected through an aperturein the device to flush internal regions of the device before infusing thetissue pocket. In other embodiments, the anti-microbial agent is injecteddirectly to a target site on the exterior of the device. Implantabledevices may include special, usually hardened, target regions forreceiving the sharpened end of a needle used to inject the anti-microbialagent.

Inventors: Finch; Charles D. (Clinton, MA), Burbank; Jeffrey H. (Boxford, MA), Brugger; James M. (Newburyport, MA), Wang; John H. (North Andover, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/09/2013