Patent Number: 6,299,914

Title: Compositions and methods for calcium fortification of dairy products andoleaginous foods

Abstract: Calcium amino acid chelate complexes for fortification of dairy productsand oleaginous foods, dairy products and oleaginous foods fortified withcalcium amino acid chelate complexes, and methods of preparing calciumamino acid chelate complexes are disclosed and described. The calciumamino acid chelate complexes of the present invention are stable,palatable, and bioavailable. Preparation steps include reacting a calciumcompound, an amino acid ligand, a pH adjuster, and, optionally, astabilizing/suspending agent in an aqueous environment.

Inventors: Christiansen; Earl C. (South Ogden, UT), Ashmead; Stephen D. (Clinton, UT), Pedersen; Mark (Kaysville, UT)


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Expiration Date: 10/09/2013