Patent Number: 6,301,717

Title: Clothes

Abstract: This invention provides clothes, wherein a fabric wale of one of parts (a)and (b) destined to be rubbed against each other is arranged so that itsatisfies at least one of the following alternatives (i) and (ii):(i) it crosses with the fabric wale of another part at an angle of 35 to145 degrees when the respective parts are placed so that their axial linesare kept parallel.(ii) it crosses with its axial line at an angle of 55 to 125 degrees.This invention provides clothes which can manifest the basic functions ofthe fabric such as water repellence, water pressure resistance, and goodlook & taste, can respond to the diversification of needs withoutimpairing the basic functions of clothes and can reduce the rubbing noiseand friction noise of clothes.

Inventors: Matsumoto; Shingo (Shiga, JP), Tsuji; Yoshikazu (Aichi, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/16/2013