Patent Number: 6,302,684

Title: Apparatus for opening/closing a process chamber door of ovens used formanufacturing semiconductor devices

Abstract: An apparatus for opening/closing a process chamber door of an oven formanufacturing a semiconductor device includes a boss formed at one side ofan opening of the process chamber, a shaft which passes freely through thecenter of the boss, bearings attached to the process chamber and rotatablysupporting the ends of the shaft, a driver for rotating the shaft inopposite directions over a predetermined angle, and a door that seals theopening, one side of the door being attached to the shaft so as to bemoved when the shaft rotates. Alternatively, the present inventionprovides a pair of bearings disposed beside one side of an opening of theprocess chamber, a shaft whose ends are rotatably supported by thebearings, a bracket having one end fixed to the shaft, and another endfixed to the door. A driver also rotates the shaft over a predeterminedangle that opens and closes the door.

Inventors: Woo; Jae-young (Suwon, KR), Choi; Woo-yeul (Suwon, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/16/2013