Patent Number: 6,305,039

Title: Resting system

Abstract: A resting system comprising a support (5) for supporting a resting means(4) on which a body can rest in relative comfort, wherein a support means(5) is provided comprising a support frame (5) having a plurality ofchannel forming means (7) and further wherein said resting means (4)includes a number of components and the junction between at least two ofsaid components provides a further channel (9), aligned with said channelforming means (7), so that a securing/restraining means is able to move insaid aligned channels (9); and at least one securing/restraining meansincluding a portion which is adapted to move along said aligned channels(9) and a portion (3) which can be placed against a body to besecured/restrained so as to prevent excessive movement of said body; a kitfor the adaptation of existing support means so as to provide the restingsystem; the use of the resting system in patient care in orthopaedics,neurology, neurosurgery, radiography, radiodtherapy, general surgery,rheumatology, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine/surgery, post-operativerecovery, by the rescue and emergency service, the armed forces, sportsmedicine, or during care of the elderly both at home and in nursing homes;and particularly the use for the avoidance of pressure development or thedevelopment of pressure sores.

Inventors: Jenkins; Clive Charles (Sheffield, GB), Svensson; Mark (Sheffield, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013