Patent Number: 6,305,040

Title: Acupressure pillow apparatus and method

Abstract: An Acupressure pillow provides selective pressure by location and force applied to a body of a user. By selection of a body member, a location on that body member, and a pressure point thereat, an acupressure pillow may be used for gauging and applying a localized, selective force or pressure at a designated point for a user. For example, headaches have been attributed to various causes including stress, tension, and so forth, all of which may result in involuntary tightening of muscles. Tightening of muscles affects blood flow. Restriction of blood flow may be responsible for certain headache pain. By applying a steady, predictable, reliable, continuing pressure at a designated acupressure location on member of a body of a user, muscles may be relaxed. Massage therapy requires knowledgeable application of pressure and motion. An acupressure pillow applies steady pressure, to which the body will become accustomed and relax. The actual continual application of pressure may tend to speed relaxation better than unpredictable motion such as vibration and other techniques used in the art.

Inventors: Myler; Scott G. (Orem, UT)


International Classification: A61H 39/04 (20060101); A61H 039/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018