Patent Number: 6,305,045

Title: Paint supply and finishing system

Abstract: The present invention provides a paint supply and finishing system including a paint roller and a tray. The paint roller includes a handle, a shaft extending from the handle along an access, a paint applying medium having a circumferential surface with a plurality of portion extending and rotatably disposed about the axis and an axial face coupled to the paint applying medium. The paint applying medium applies paint to a surface as a medium is rolled against the surface. The axial face includes at least one location memory indicia. Each indicia corresponds to a particular location on the circumferential surface of the medium. As a result, at least on indicia indicates which of the plurality of portions were last in contact with the surface. The tray includes a pan having a well at a first end and a ramp extending from the well to a second end, first and second spaced legs and a bar. The first and second spaced legs are coupled to the second end of the pan and are configured to support the second end of the pan on a horizontal surface. The bar extends between the first and second legs and includes a detent configured to receive a peg. As a result, the tray may be hung from the peg, providing better visual merchandising of tray sets (trays with lids, holding multiple components) and eliminating significant costs associated with unique wire or plastic tray rack fixtures.

Inventors: Walsh; Michael J. (Elm Grove, WI), Busch; Ann M. (West Bend, WI)

Assignee: Newell Operating Company

International Classification: B05C 17/02 (20060101); B05C 017/02 (); B05C 021/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018