Patent Number: 6,305,050

Title: Hinge device to be used for a foldable apparatus

Abstract: There is provided a hinge device for a foldable apparatus which comprises afirst member provided with a first hinge sleeve rigidly secured theretoand with a first abutment peripheral edge and a second member providedwith a second hinge sleeve with a second abutment peripheral edge slidablyheld in abutment with the first abutment peripheral edge; wherein saidhinge device further comprises a first disk unrotatably fitted into saidfirst hinge sleeve and a second disk unrotatably fitted into said secondhinge sleeve; and either the first abutment facet of the first disk or thesecond abutment facet of the second disk being provided with a pluralityof engaging recesses arranged at predetermined angular positions thereof;the other being provided with a plurality of engaging projections adaptedto become engaged with the each engaging recesses under the effect ofresilient force of a coil spring, the engagement of said engagingprojections and said engaging recesses being switched by an opening orclosing motion of the first and second members;

Inventors: Imai; Katsuya (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013