Patent Number: 6,305,058

Title: Facility for needling of a pattened width of felt

Abstract: The description refers to a facility for needling of a patterned width of felt (1) by means of a needling equipment comprising at least one needle board (6, 7) and a felt guide between a felt bed (9) and a stripper (11), with the felt bed (9) consisting either of lamellas (10) running in felt feed direction (3) or of a circulating brush-type bed moving along with the width of felt (1) in felt feed direction (3). To create favorable construction features, it is suggested that the needling equipment is provided with at least two independently driven needle boards (6, 7) arranged in tandem at a distance in felt feed direction (3), with needle distributions for preferably different patterns, and that the two needle boards (6, 7) are assigned to one common continuous felt bed (9) between them.

Inventors: Fehrer; Monika (A-4060 Leonding, AT)


International Classification: D04H 18/00 (20060101); D04H 018/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018