Patent Number: 6,305,061

Title: Combination steering wheel puller and locking disc removal and installation tool for vehicles

Abstract: A combination tool provides for removing a steering wheel from its press fit on a steering wheel shaft in a vehicle, or for compressing the locking disc disposed beneath the steering wheel hub for removal of its retaining ring and of the disc after the steering wheel has been removed. The tool is also useful in reinstalling the locking disc for reassembly after maintenance. The present tool includes a plate having a central threaded passage larger than the diameter of the threaded steering wheel shaft with which the tool is to be used. Two opposed, radially disposed steering wheel puller slots are provided, one to either side of the central passage, and two opposed threaded locking disc compression bolt holes are also provided through the plate. The device may be used for removal of the steering wheel from its press fit on the steering wheel shaft (after removal of overlying components, such as the air bag, horn actuation assembly, etc.) and for removal of the locking disc disposed beneath the steering wheel hub, after removal of the steering wheel. The combination tool is easily converted from one function to the other, as a total of only five bolts are required with the plate to provide both of the above functions. The bolts provided with the present disc, and the threaded passages through the disc, are preferably standard sizes and thread pitches, in order to provide easy and economical purchase and replacement of such fasteners when required.

Inventors: King; Roger N. (Anderson, SC)


International Classification: B25B 27/02 (20060101); B23P 019/04 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018