Patent Number: 6,305,070

Title: Performance of oxide dispersion strengthened superconductor composites

Abstract: The invention features high performing composite superconducting oxide articles that can be produced from OPIT precursors substantially without poisoning the superconductor. In general, the superconducting oxide is substantially surrounded by a matrix material. The matrix material contains a first constraining material including a noble metal and a second metal. The second metal is a relatively reducing metal which lowers the overall oxygen activity of the matrix material and the article at a precursor process point prior to oxidation of the second metal. The second metal is substantially converted to a metal oxide dispersed in the matrix during or prior to a first phase conversion heat treatment but after formation of the composite, creating an ODS matrix.

Inventors: Masur; Lawrence J. (Needham, MA), Parker; Donald R. (Randolph, MA), Podtburg; Eric R. (Natick, MA), Roberts; Peter R. (Groton, MA), Parrella; Ronald D. (Shrewsbury, MA), Riley, Jr.; Gilbert N. (Marlborough, MA), Hancock; Steven (Worcester, MA)

Assignee: American Superconductor Corporation

International Classification: H01L 39/24 (20060101); H01L 039/24 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018