Patent Number: 6,305,083

Title: Apparatus with a housing provided with a synthetic resin wall portion witha synthetic resin panel provided thereon

Abstract: A housing (1) of an apparatus has a plastics wall portion (2) provided witha plastics panel (4). To make a reliable and visually acceptableconnection of the panel (4) to the wall portion (2), the panel is fixed tothe wall portion by means of an induction welding process. In this way theconnection is resistant to chemical compounds like lotions. Therefore ametal element (8) of electric conducting material having the shape of aclosed loop wire is inserted between the wall portion (2) and the panel(4) and subsequently an electromagnetic field is applied in closeproximity to the element. Preferably such panel (4) can be used to coveran opening (11) in the wall portion (2) for a display (10) and/or a switch(15) function. To make the housing watertight the element (8) between thepanel (4) and the wall portion (2) should surround the opening (3,11).

Inventors: Rijken; Martinus M. (Drachten, NL), Meijer; Matthijs J. (Eindhoven, NL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013