Patent Number: 6,305,088

Title: Scissor cutting edge safeguard

Abstract: A pair of scissor blades illustrated in (FIG. 4); each blade comprising acutting edge (3) arranged below a blade protuberance relative to thedirection of the cutting stroke. The protuberance comprises a cutting edgegrinding surface (4), a pressing ridge (5) and a blade side surface (6).The protuberance presses on skin creating sensitive reactions in the userprior to the rear located cutting edge damaging the skin. The cutting edgedegree of sharpness is predetermined at the factory. A method ofmanufacturing the invention and for modifying standard prior art scissorblade shapes by grinding a cutting edge at a new angle of sharpness thatinherently produces the safeguarding blade protuberance.

Inventors: Novinger; Harry E. (Aurora, CO), Novinger; Gary D. (Aurora, CO), Howey; Carla S. (Lakewood, CO), Novinger; Nancy K. (Englewood, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013