Patent Number: 6,305,090

Title: Tile tracing apparatus and method

Abstract: A tile marking apparatus for marking the contour of an object to be circumvented by a tile directly onto the tile including a base portion and a contour following rod is described. The contour following rod is so mounted to the base portion as to be laterally and longitudinally movable with respect to the base portion. The rod includes a distal end provided with a contour following tip and a proximate end provided with a pen. The distance separating the tip and the pen correspond to the dimensions of the side of a tile to be marked, and to that effect, the rod is preferably telescopically mounted in order to be adjustable. The tile to be marked is positioned above the tiles previously installed adjacent to the intended position and the base portion is positioned above the tile to be marked. The contour following tip may then follow the contour of the object to cause the pen to reproduce the contour directly onto the tile. A method to use the apparatus is also disclosed.

Inventors: Julien; Remi (Lac Beauport, CA)

Assignee: Claude Chabot

International Classification: B43L 13/02 (20060101); B43L 013/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018