Patent Number: 6,305,099

Title: Shoe with air valve for air refreshing system

Abstract: A shoe with air valve for air refreshing system which includes an air inletvalve and an air outlet valves. The sole has a lateral wall that definesan air chamber and air channels in an inner portion of the sole, and thereis an isolating wall separating the air chamber and air channels. Thelateral wall has a through hole or bore therethrough and the isolatingwall has an angled through hole or bore therethrough. The air valve has amounting portion with a movable diaphragm and the air valve can beinserted in the lateral wall bore of the air chamber in the sole so as toprovide a unidirectional air inlet valve. The unidirectional air valve canalso be installed in the bore in the isolating wall. The upper portion ofthe through hole is formed with an expanding portion and a diaphragm isplaced in the expanding portion. Thus, an air outlet valve is formed. Bythe aforesaid structure, the unidirectional air inlet and outlet valvesare easily provided for the sole of a shoe having an air refreshingsystem, and thus the manufacturing cost can be reduced.

Inventors: Chu; Huey-Cheng (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013