Patent Number: 6,305,103

Title: Footwear including a locking component

Abstract: The invention provides a footwear article that may be worn in a first modewhich permits easy removal, or may be worn in a second mode that providesa secure fit. The article includes an elastic region and a lockingcomponent on at least one of its sides. When worn in the first mode, theelastic region is capable of stretching which may increase the wearer'scomfort and facilitates the removing the article and putting on thearticle on at a later time. When worn in the second mode, a fastener, suchas a shoelace, is engaged with the locking component prior to tying. Theengagement between the locking component and the shoelace restricts thestretching of the elastic material, thus, maintaining a tight securementof the article on the foot. A variety of footwear articles arecontemplated by the invention including shoes and boots.

Inventors: Camargo; Ricardo (Burlington, VT)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013