Patent Number: 6,305,111

Title: Advertising display system

Abstract: An advertising display for mounting an advertisement on a supportingstructure such as a billboard, the side of truck, or any othersubstantially planar surface. The advertising display includes an elasticdisplay panel with four edges reinforced by elongate stays. A plurality ofupper attachment fittings are spaced lengthwise along the top of thesupporting structure. A corresponding plurality of lower attachmentfittings are spaced lengthwise along the bottom of the supportingstructure. Opposing forward and rear attachment fittings are spacedvertically along the supporting structure. A plurality of retaining clipsare also provided each for attachment to the outer lips of the lowerattachment fitting as well as the forward and rear attachment fittings forthe purpose of retaining the edges of the stays therein, thereby holdingthe stays captive. The display panel can be tautly suspended over thesurface of the supporting structure between the four attachment fittings.This approach to securing the display panel to the surface is to useintegral attachment fittings and retainers that can be permanently mountedon the surface, and the need for removal and reinstallation every time anew advertisement is displayed is eliminated. The advertising displaysystem is economical, reliable and can be easily installed by oneindividual.

Inventors: Opdahl; Everett W. (Long Green, MD)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013