Patent Number: 6,305,120

Title: Method and apparatus enabling remote release of hooks and hook assembliesto free fishing lures

Abstract: A fishing method and apparatus is provided comprising a lure moduleenhanced with circuitry that is capable of releasing hooks upon detectionof a signal sent from a user operated, remote device enhanced withcircuitry to send the signals causing hook release. The module may beprovided as a lure, as a bait-holder, or as a shape-neutral module, whilethe signal-sending device may be a mounted or handheld device used forexample in a boat. Upon determining that a irretrievable snag hasoccurred, the signal sending device is used to send an appropriate remotesignal to the lure or module effecting hook-release rendering the lure ormodule free from obstruction and retrievable. The lure or module may bereset with replacement hooks for continued fishing.

Inventors: Boys; Mark A. (Aromas, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013