Patent Number: 6,305,123

Title: Obstruction sensing a signal transmitted across window

Abstract: In a first embodiment, a vehicle window obstruction system incorporates aconductive coating placed on the window. Such coatings are known for usein defrost systems. A voltage source is connected to the conductivecoating, such that an electrical charge is placed across the window.Electrical characteristics of the charge are monitored, and compared toexpected values. In the event that an obstruction is encountered, themonitored values will differ from expected values, and a control canindicate the presence of an obstruction. Alternatively, the signal couldbe a high frequency signal such as a sound signal which would be variedwhen the window contacts a human obstruction.

Inventors: Davies; Timothy (Hermitage, TN), Hopson; Charles (Lebanon, TN), Bonduel; Pascal (Bouzy la Foret, FR), Breynaert; Francios (Caen, FR), Kyrtsos; Christos (Southfield, MI), Tyckowski; Joseph (Clawson, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013