Patent Number: 6,305,136

Title: Reinforcing member with beam shaped carrier and thermally expansiblereinforcing material

Abstract: A reinforcing member for a structural component such as a rail or channelof a vehicle is provided which includes a carrier and a thermallyexpansible structural reinforcing material element which is fastened tothe carrier by mechanical fixation or an adhesive. The mechanical fixationmay be provided by a flange or other mechanical connection on the carrieror by a fastener such as a push pin extending through aligned holes andopenings in the carrier and foamable material. The push pins arepreferably of a synthetic resin material which more closely approximatesthe heat conductivity of the foamable material when the latter isactivated by heat, and is sufficiently yieldable to absorb impacts to thefoamable material during installation.

Inventors: Hopton; Gregory W. (Novi, MI), Blank; Norman E. (Wayne, NJ), Fitzgerald; Gerald (Clinton Township, MI), Stratman; Randy (Waterford, MI), Chang; Chin-Jui (Troy, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013