Patent Number: 6,305,138

Title: Composite shingle having shading zones in different planes

Abstract: A laminated shingle is provided, having lighter and darker granule portionsvisible from the front, at different planes; the front-most or anteriorplane generally having granules of lighter shading and the more rearwardor posterior plane generally having darker granules. The darker granulesin the more posterior plane are visible from the front of the shingle toprovide visually sharp, precise delineation between zones of lighter anddarker shading. The shingles may be of multi-layer construction withsuitable adhesives securing the layers together. The darker granules maybe visible from beneath the lower edge(s) of the anterior shingle, toprovide a shadow line effect. Alternatively, or in addition thereto, thedarker shingle zones from the more posterior plane may be visible throughtab-separating slots of the lighter shaded anterior shingle portion.

Inventors: Stahl; Kermit E. (North Wales, PA), Noone; Michael J. (Wayne, PA), Mehrer; George W. (Jenkintown, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013