Patent Number: 6,305,140

Title: Pole

Abstract: A pole assembly that has an inner pole fitted within an outer pole. Theouter pole has a larger cross section dimension that the inner pole with aspace between the two poles. Sets of two lateral supporting members extendfrom and joined to inner pole to the outer pole. Each set of lateralsupports has two cross members both of which engage the inner pole and theouter pole. The space between the poles can be filled with a depositedfill material, like water or sand, that is impact absorbing to reduceinjury and damage to a driver, a colliding vehicle and the post assembly.Each of the sets of lateral supporting members has two cross members thatare perpendicular to each other and joined to each of the poles. Dependingon the particular use for the pole, like a utility pole, wires or cablesmay extend up the height of the poles in the space between them byentering through holes in the lateral supports. These lateral supportingmembers may each be made of solid material, hollow material or anycombination of solid and hollow material. An impact absorbing materiallike PVC plastic may be used to construct the poles and the lateralsupports. To increase stability the outer pole may be tapered from bottomto top with closing end caps to retain any fill material.

Inventors: Knight; Lenard (Deltona, FL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013