Patent Number: 6,305,144

Title: Window frame and method

Abstract: A window frame comprising a sill, a pair of side jambs and a header isprovided. The sill, side jambs, and header include coextensive window panereceiving grooves in which the window pane and glazing are received formounting the window pane in the window frame. The sill and side jambs areof unitary construction. The header is two piece construction tofacilitate installation of the window pane in the frame. The headerincludes a filler strip that releasably retains a window pane in place inthe window frame and the filler cooperates with the remainder of theheader to form the window pane groove in the header. A method ofinstalling the window pane in the window frame is also provided.

Inventors: Stevens; Brad (Farmington, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013