Patent Number: 6,305,164

Title: Method and system for controlling hydraulic driving circuit

Abstract: A method and system for controlling a hydraulic driving circuit, which are simple in structure, capable of readily providing neutral position adjustment, manually adjustable and able to cope with a failure in the circuit. When an adjustment mode for adjusting the neutral position of a steering hydraulic pump is set, an offset command current value is calculated as a command current value to be output to a servo electromagnetic valve, and an offset command value calculated when a steering lever is in its neutral position is output to the servo electromagnetic valve to adjust the neutral position of the steering hydraulic pump.

Inventors: Yamamoto; Shigeru (Hirakata, JP), Fukasawa; Toshihiko (Hirakata, JP), Asada; Hisao (Hirakata, JP)

Assignee: Komatsu Ltd.

International Classification: F16H 61/40 (20060101); F16H 61/46 (20060101); F16H 039/04 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018