Patent Number: 6,305,173

Title: Vortex chamber generator for absorption heat pump and system using same

Abstract: The generator of an absortion heat pump is consructed in the form of a vortex chamber. The absorbent liquid solution, with a high concentration of refrigerant, is tangentially injected into a vortex chamber wherein the rotational velocity is significantly increased toward the center by reason of the conservative of rotational momentum, and as a result, pressure within the central portion of the vortex chamber is reduced such that the solution at a lower temperature than normally required in conventional absorption heat pump generators. The evolved swirling refrigerant vapor will rise and leave the first vortex chamber through a central opening to flow, in one chamber which is directly above the first vortex chamber. The swirling refrigerant vapor within the upper vortex chamber will be centrifugally decelerated and partially pressurized after which the vapor is directed to flow toward the heat pump condenser while the liquid absorbent, now with a greatly reduced refrigerant concentration, will leave from the lower vortex chamber through the tangential outlet toward the absorber or a heat recovery heat exchanger. As a result, an absorption heat pump can be energized by lower temperature waste heat energy sources.

Inventors: Fineblum; Soloman S. (Stoughton, MA)


International Classification: F25B 33/00 (20060101); F25B 009/02 (); F25B 015/00 (); F25B 033/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018