Patent Number: 6,305,178

Title: Continuous system of freeze concentration for aqueous solutions

Abstract: Investigations on the formation and growth behavior of ice crystallizationin aqueous solutions reveal an important phenomenon--ice crystaltransformation. It leads to very rapid growth of ice crystals and resultin grain-shaped and agglomerated large crystals without inside entrainmentof solute. This provides a practical basis for a new technology of freezeconcentration. The efficient physical process for freeze concentration ofaqueous solutions comprises, mainly, refrigerating solutions to asupercooled status without ice nucleation, or without ice formation on theheat transfer surface, instantaneously nucleating the supercooled solutionto generate fine ice crystals and make the solution concentrated,producing large, grain/sphere-shaped ice crystals at high rate by growth,transformation and agglomeration of ice crystals under environment ofwell-controlled endo/exothermal balances. Apparatus for performing theprocess including, mainly, refrigerating heat exchangers, nucleators,filters and multi-function crystallizers are described. Single-stage andmultistage operations can be used for the process and the major steps canbe flexibly arranged.

Inventors: Shi; Yuping (Madison, WI), Liang; Baomin (Madison, WI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013