Patent Number: 6,305,182

Title: Absorption heating and cooling system having an improved refrigerantcontrol apparatus

Abstract: A refrigerant control apparatus for use in an absorption heating andcooling system of the type which uses a refrigerant and an absorbent, andwhich includes a generator, a condenser, an absorber and an evaporatorhaving an evaporator sump. The control apparatus includes a reservoir,disposed in condensate collecting relationship to the condenser, and inrefrigerant draining relationship to the evaporator. The reservoir has astorage capacity sufficient to store, during operation in the coolingmode, a quantity of refrigerant large enough to reduce the steady stateconcentration of the operating solution from a first, relatively highconcentration used in the cooling mode to a second, relatively lowconcentration used the heating mode, and includes an overflow structurethat allows refrigerant to overflow into the evaporator when the reservoiris filled. A valve controllably establishes a fluidic path between thereservoir and the evaporator sump when the system is switched fromoperation in its cooling mode to operation in its heating mode.

Inventors: Gupte; Neelkanth Shridhar (Liverpool, NY), Song; Deog Yong (Seoul, KR), Moon; Shik (Uijungbu, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013