Patent Number: 6,305,190

Title: Polarized gas accumulators and heating jackets and associated gascollection methods and thaw methods and polarized gas products

Abstract: Methods of collecting, thawing, and extending the useful polarized life offrozen polarized gases include heating a portion of the flow path and/ordirectly liquefying the frozen gas during thawing. A polarized noble gasproduct with an extended polarized life product is also included.Associated apparatus such as an accumulator and heating jacket forcollecting, storing, and transporting polarized noble gases include asecondary flow channel which provides heat to a portion of the collectionpath during accumulation and during thawing.

Inventors: Driehuys; Bastiaan (Durham, NC), Zollinger; David (Chapel Hill, NC), Deaton; Daniel (Raleigh, NC), Hasson; K. C. (Durham, NC), Langhorn; Alan (Encinitas, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013