Patent Number: 6,305,222

Title: Road vibration compensated angular rate sensor

Abstract: A motion sensor (10) includes a micromachined sensing structure and a number of capacitive electrodes (20) disposed about a periphery thereof. The sensing structure includes a ring (14) supported above a substrate (12) so as to have an axis of rotation normal to the substrate (12), and a number of springs (16) attached to a post (18) positioned at the center of the ring (14). Certain diametrically opposed ones of the capacitive electrodes (20) are configured as drive electrodes (20a), and other diametrically opposed ones of the capacitive electrodes (20), positioned 90 degrees relative to the corresponding drive electrodes (20a) are configured as sense electrodes (20b). Signals produced at the opposed sense electrodes (20b) are conditioned and coupled to a common input of an amplifier circuit (64,70). With the configuration of the drive (20a) and sense (20b) electrodes and supporting circuitry (60-70), the resulting sensor (10) is operable to reject the effects of linear forces thereupon due to road vibrational effects.

Inventors: Johnson; Jack Daniel (Russiaville, IN), Zarabadi; Seyed Ramezan (Kokomo, IN)

Assignee: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: G01C 19/56 (20060101); G01P 003/00 (); G01C 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018