Patent Number: 6,305,231

Title: Flow metering

Abstract: A method of measuring a characteristic of a flowing fluid comprising measuring said characteristic by means of two or more sensors which have differing responses to a variable affecting said measurement, and combining the outputs (as herein defined) of the sensors, so that the differences in the responses thereof cancel each other and the combined output is substantially independent of said variable.

Inventors: Coulthard; John (Heighington, GB), Cheng; Rui Xue (Middlesborough, GB)

Assignee: ABB Kent-Taylor Limited

International Classification: G01F 1/20 (20060101); G01F 1/56 (20060101); G01F 1/24 (20060101); G01F 1/64 (20060101); G01F 001/86 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018