Patent Number: 6,305,236

Title: Worm gear torque apparatus

Abstract: A torque applying tool (10) having a housing or body (14) including arectangular body portion (16) having a worm receiving opening (20)extending therethrough and an arcuate housing portion (18) having a gearreceiving opening (22) extending therethrough at right angles to the wormreceiving opening (20). A toothed gear (26) is mounted within gearreceiving opening (22) and has a central opening (32) of a hexagonal shapeto receive nut (N) therein to be rotated. Worm gear (38) is receivedwithin worm receiving opening (20) and has a helical thread (39) thereonformed of a concave shape to engage teeth (28) on gear (26) for rotationof gear (26) and nut (N).

Inventors: Sturdevant; George A. (Kingwood, TX)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/23/2013