Patent Number: 6,305,238

Title: Connecting unit

Abstract: The present invention relates to a connecting unit for the transmission ofpulling movements to one end of at least one bowden cable, in particularfor a parking brake of a vehicle. The present invention further relates toa method for establishing a connection between a bowden cable and apulling element for the transmission of pulling movements, as it ispreferably used during the assembly of parking brakes in vehicles.The connecting unit comprises a support with at least one opening for themounting of the connecting unit, a pulling element with at least onereceptacle for the end of the at least one bowden cable and a guidingelement, where the end of the at least one bowden cable can engage thereceptacle, and the guiding element is arranged between the at least oneopening of the support and the at least one receptacle. The guidingelement deflects the end of the at least one bowden cable under a movementin direction of the receptacle through the at least one opening of thesupport to the side to engage the receptacle.

Inventors: Gabas; Carlos (Barcelona, ES)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013