Patent Number: 6,305,240

Title: Vehicle pedal

Abstract: A vehicle pedal has a pedal bar (16) and a pedal shaft (18) which isconnected to the latter in a rotationally fixed manner and on whichbearing locations (28, 32) are arranged. Up until now, the pedal bar (16)has usually been pinned to the pedal shaft (18) with the aid of analuminum block between the bearing locations. In order to reduce theinstallation outlay during the production of a gas-pedal module (10), itis proposed that the pedal bar (16) be integrally formed on the pedalshaft (18) to the side of the two bearing locations (28, 32). Thissimplifies the production of the pedal lever (14) and the installation ofthe latter in the bearing arrangement (28, 32).

Inventors: Hannewald; Thomas (Griesheim, DE), Zenker; Reinhard (Konigstein, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013