Patent Number: 6,305,244

Title: Bicycle pedal

Abstract: A bicycle pedal assembly is provided for attaching a shoe thereto via acleat. The bicycle pedal has a pedal body rotatably coupled to the secondend of the pedal shaft for supporting a cyclist's foot. The pedal body hasa first end and a second end with a cleat receiving surface locatedtherebetween and a center longitudinal axis extending between the firstand second ends. The pedal body preferably has a pair clamping memberscoupled thereto with at least one of the clamping members being pivotallycoupled thereto. At least the pivoting clamping member is constructed of aresilient wire material that is designed to pivot upon a twisting movementbetween the cleat and the pedal body. In the preferred embodiment, thefront or first clamping member is stationary, while the rear or secondclamping member is movable. Each of the clamping members has a cleatengagement surface facing in a direction toward the pedal body. The wireclamping member includes at least a first biasing portion and a retainingportion extending from the first biasing portion in a direction transverseto the center longitudinal axis of the pedal body. The first biasingportion is arranged to urge the retaining portion from a release positionto a retained position. The retaining portion has one of the cleatengagement surface formed thereon and being configured to apply a forcetoward the cleat receiving surface of the pedal body.

Inventors: Takahama; Kimitaka (Osaka, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013